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Natalia Tena Interviewed

Via Bleeding Cool, we’ve learned of a video interview with Natalia Tena (who plays Osha) which covers a range of topics related to her acting, with a particular focus on the Harry Potter films. However, she is asked about HBO’s Game of Thrones, which she speaks of in very enthusiastic terms. In fact, she indicates that she loved working on it so much that she’s been reading the first book. She mentions that after the mini-wrap party on the 11th, she was due to film a brand new scene written for her which seems to be her last scene for the production. The Game of Thrones discussion starts at the 5:10 mark:

The first part of the interview, and some details about it, can be found at Bleeding Cool. In discussing her plans for the coming year, she mentions that Game of Thrones would resume filming in the spring, so far as she knows; presumably she means, in spring if the show is given the greenlight. So an April or May start date seems quite possible.