Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Official Posters and More

IGN recently had an exclusive of the next four posters from HBO’s Game of Thrones, and now the Making Game of Thrones site has released them widely, and in super-high resolution. And as you can see to the right, they added a bonus fifth poster to the roster, featuring Jon Snow and a line from the vows of the Night’s Watch, “I am the watcher on the walls.” Great images, all, especially Daenerys with her dragon egg, and of course Cersei with that rather ominous dagger. The quote for Robert is a brand new one, not from the books, but it does rather seem to fit the Baratheon king.

In other, image-related news, George has a “Not a Blog” post featuring the HBO Shop display in New York City (photos sent by a fan or friend; he’s only in NYC “in his dreams”, he notes), which was rolled out yesterday morning. Featuring costumes, armor, and props from the production, it’s a great opportunity for visitors to the shop to get a close look at the production. Esc-Key on Livejournal has also posted some photos, with a nice commentary to go with it.

Finally, it seems Canal+ Spain has begun to release a few dribs and drabs for its promotion for Game of Thrones, which airs on May 9th in that country. Their Facebook album contains several promotional and behind-the-scenes shots we’ve not seen published anywhere else. The shot of the prop store brings back fond memories of my visit to the set; if you go all the way to the shelving in the back, that’s where the all the rolled-up banners I mentioned in my report were located, as well as the early prototype for the Iron Throne (with swords blazoned with “Kingdom of Heaven”, clearly originally props for Ridley Scott’s film).