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Reports from TCA

We expect yet more to trickle out today, but here’s a few more write-ups from journalists who were at the Winter TCA:

  • Matt Fowler at IGN gives his impressions of the 15 minute clip compilation, as well as some choice quotes from last night’s presentation.
  • Joy Press os the LA Time’s Show Tracker adds a bit more detail from the presentation. George’s line, “The books are 1,500 pages long and I have a mob outside my house with pitchforks…”, to have gotten particular interest from critics as a sign of just how popular his books are (and, yes, just how late the current one is)
  • Rick Porter of Zap2it gives some quick hits, including noting that Emilia Clarke (Princess Daenerys) could be a breakout star. Quite a lot of praise for her performance, as you’ll see in the next link.
  • Daniel Feinberg of Hitfix provides a lengthy rundown of the 15 minute compilation, and he’s another critic who’s read the first novel and provides some specific details that would pass some by.
  • Finally, via Twitter, a journalist tweeted a response to my questions. Another reader of the novels, they stated that Bran and Jaime stood out, Peter Dinklage added color to the frigid North, and that the interviews made them wish April was here already.

Looking for some of the earlier reports, including our detailed recap of yesterday’s happenings? You can see some earlier articles here, here, and here.