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Simon Armstrong is Qhorin Halfhand

For those who missed the news as it coursed over the social web, George R.R. Martin revealed that the last of the major roles for the series had been cast in a post discussing both Rose Leslie’s casting as Ygritte and his announcement that actor Simon Armstrong was cast in the role of a legendary ranger of the Night’s Watch, Qhorin Halfhand.

Armstrong has been in a number of productions for film, television, and theater, including playing Claudius in the The Globe’s 2011 production of Hamlet and in the BBC Films The Edge of Love. Looking over his CV, Game of Thrones seems to be his first work in the fantasy genre.

With the major casting concluded, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ve learned all the major roles… but there can’t be too many left. The most notable left must be Reek, and not having heard anything of him may be a surprise at this date. The Tullys… well, the Tullys just seem to be gone this season, unfortunately, which suggests we won’t be seeing Riverrun at all (not this year, anyways) and that Robb and Catelyn will mostly be shown in the field. And then there’s the two Reeds, Jojen and Meera, but with Winterfell filming soon dominating until the cameras shift further north (quite literally, with beyond the Wall scenes to be shot in Iceland in November and December) we may get word of them if they’ve been cast for this season.