Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Spreading the Word, 140 Characters at a Time

Game of Thrones isn’t just about allegiances. When people describe the series, a lot of pithy words are thrown around: war, honor, gritty, brutal, intrigue, and more, as people try to encapsulate all the things it means to them. HBO’s now taking that to the next level with their latest social media initative via HBO Connect, the site that provides fans and viewers of HBO’s television programs an added layer to what they watch and a greater sense of fan community with such things as real time interviews with actors and creators,  or feeds for trending HBO-related topics in Twitter.

And, in particular, visualizers which allow fans to share in the experience, connect with one another, and get a sense of the social landscape surrounding their favorite programs.

The newest of these Twitter visualizers? The #got140 visualizer is a nifty one that releases a new word each day, asking fans to use that word in a tweet that tries to describe the show. Previous words have included “power”, “murder”, “blood”, “winter”, “war”, and “honor”. And today’s word? “Betray”. So get working, Twitter fans of @GameOfThrones and @westerosorg! Me, I’m curious as to just how many Twitter user avatars (and their tweets) the page can display at one time…