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HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Talking Game of Thrones with MTV

Following the premiere of “The North Remembers”, MTV News revealed that they’ve developed a post-show program to talk about the show—yes, MTV knows Game of Thrones is a big deal! Josh Wigler hosts for MTV, and sitting with him in the studio are Newsarama‘s Lucas Siegel and the always-insightful Sean T. Collins, who blogs about the novels and TV show at his site Boiled Leather and now writes about the show for the august Rolling Stone (what a gig!) If you’ll recall, Sean joined Linda and I, as well as series editor Anne Groell, to annotate A Game of Thrones for the Subtext app.

Oh, and Linda and I were invited to record a very quick segment for this and the next episode and, hopefully, episodes to come!. Yes, it’s Skype—like the bad old days of Thronecast last year—but we’ll sort it out.

On top of that, we later briefly talked about the final scene of the episode with Josh, and ended up being quoted in this article on the topic.

For those who love what MTV’s doing, make sure to watch. Oh! And last year, we recorded podcasts with MTV Geek if you visit our Episode page and start going through each of the first ten episodes.