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Tom McCarthy’s Next Project

The Daily Record writes about director Tom McCarthy—who directed the pilot for HBO’s Game of Thrones—and his next project, a high school wrestling film titled Win Win which he has written. One aspect covered in some detail in the article is that McCarthy has stated that he’s looking to cast “real people”, and that the lead for the film may well be someone with no previous acting experience. At the end of the article, McCarthy is noted as indicating that, “he had a positive experience casting ‘real people’ when filming the series The Game of Thrones for HBO in England.”

Erroneous title and locations details aside, it’s interesting that McCarthy cites Game of Thrones as a positive experience in regard to casting “real people”. The article does also note that the Win Win shoot will run about seven weeks, from early March into April, so it’s not impossible that if the series is picked up, McCarthy may return to direct one or more additional episodes.

Thanks to maxlongstreet at the A Song of Ice and Fire forum for the pointer.