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Tyrion at the Blackwater Statue Due in February

Back during Comic-Con, we had a great look—thanks to correspondent Amy Marie—at Dark Horse’s forthcoming licensed products, but one in particular really caught some eyes: the statue of Tyrion Lannister wielding his axe during the Battle of the Blackwater Rush.

More details have since come out, and Dark Horse has very kindly offered us an exclusive, high-res image depicting the statue from a number of angles. It looks like the tentative price for the 10-inch statue of $200 seems to have held, but they’ve actually managed to get it ready for February 2013, which is nicely timed in conjunction with season 3’s premiere in April.

If you can’t wait until February, Dark Horse is releasing their Daenerys Stormborn bust in October; it’s available from international comics and collectibles seller TFAW—Things From Another World—here.