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Tywin Lannister on the Reynes of Castamere

HBO’s got the full-court press going to promote the Blu-ray and DVD launch, it seems, and given the price-war... well, this should add fuel to the fire. In the Blu-ray review we linked in our last post, we praised some of the added features in the Blu-ray… especially a couple of items in the In-Episode Guide that just blew our geeky minds. And now, HBO and MTV are bringing a taste of one of those items, an excerpt from the Charles Dance-as-Tywin-Lannister narrated House Lannister history:

It’s region-locked, I’m afraid… but if you’re in the U.S. (and maybe Canada?), do check it out—it’s worth it. And that’s just an excerpt—it runs for about three or four minutes in the guide, I believe!