Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Valyrian Steel Replicas

After a long wait since it was announced that Valyrian Steel had acquired the license to produce replicas based on HBO’s Game of Thrones—to go along with their license to produce weapons based on A Song of Ice and Fire—it looks like the first products have been unveiled and will start shipping in time for Spring 2013 (and the third season of HBO’s hit show). It seems all replicas will be produced in limited editions, make them even more interesting for fans and collectors.

The first of these was actually announced just before the holidays, but given everything, we hadn’t reported it yet: The Hound’s Helm is the first of the two announced products, and it looks terrific. Modeled directly on the prop made for the show, it’s apparently fully wearable(!). Preorders are already open.

And earlier today, the second replica from the Game of Thrones license was announced: The Catspaw’s Dagger, using Damascus steel (just as the actual prop weapon) and gold-plated parts (but, alas, only “faux” dragon bone). You can pre-order it beginning this Sunday, if you’re at all interested.

And while you’re there at Valyrian Steel, do look at their A Song of Ice and Fire replicas. Some are sold out, but others are still available, including their excellent reproduction of Arya’s sword Needle, and the very cool Night’s Watch dagger set which features genuine obsidian blades and arrowheads.