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HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Visual Effects Details Revealed

Now that the show is at its half way point, it looks like Bluebolt—the chief VFX vendor for HBO’s Game of Thrones—is starting to be interviewed, revealing some great details about their work. This profile at Below the Line News is an excellent read…

And also a spoilerish one, especially regarding some work that’ll close out the season. If you’ve not read the books, we suggest skipping it. Here’s a couple of the coolest tidbits, however:

“The opening shot of the riders coming North of the Wall is stunning. The 2.5d environmental build of Winterfell (Castle) on the King’s Arrival still amazes me. The line between real and CG is totally invisible.”

“The Eyrie was always based on being an impenetrable castle on top of a high rock and originally we were going to use the Zhangjiajie Mountains in China, but due to the base plates being shot in Ireland, it was better for us to use the rock formations from Meteora in Greece.”