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We’ve Got Videos

With all the work we’ve had the last couple of days, I forgot to mention that our video looking at Blackwater” is now on-line! We’ve included it in the episode guide’s extras section, along with the penultimate episode of Sky Atlantic’s Thronecast. Good stuff in there, including a nice Skype chat with Kristian Nairn (aka Hodor).

Besides that, we also have the “Valar Morghulis” final trailer, showing some nice hints of what’s to come in the final episode of the season.

Last but certainly not least, I had promised fans on Twitter a special video if SerIanMC—that’d be Ian McElhinney, who played Ser Barristan Selmy last season—passed 1,000 followers after recently joining Twitter for the first time (here’s a photo he shared to prove it really is him!). Well, that happened right after I tweeted. And so a video was made, being a fairly detailed (if not quite complete—and yes, I had to make some corrections after the fact since I didn’t want to spend even more time re-recording and editing!). You can find it, and many more, at our channel, but I’ll embed it here (NOTE: This is really for non-book readers; if you’ve read the books, you’ve seen pretty much everything I have to say!):

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