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HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Interview with John Bradley

Known as Samwell Tarly on the show, John Bradley is among a troop of young actors who’ve landed a role in one of the biggest television productions ever seen in Europe.

We had the opportunity to interview him concerning his budding career, his approach to acting, and his landing and playing the role of Jon Snow’ss best friend on the Wall. A gifted young actor practically fresh out of drama school, at the same time that he landed a significant role in Game of Thrones, he’s also playing a part in in Canal+‘s Borgia, in the role of Giovanni de Medici, and we’ll discuss some of his experiences there as well.

Read the interview!

Official Game of Thrones Poster

Do we really have to say anything else? This is a gorgeous image, and sells the series very well indeed! A wistful, melancholy Ned, the Gothic Iron Throne, the sword, Cersei’s line, “You win or you die”... Perfect. This official poster will be used to publicize the series in the run up—just a bit over a month away - to the premiere of the show.

Any thoughts? Share them below! The one curiosity we have noticed is the fact that the sword is not Ice. It’s the arming sword that Ned uses instead, when he isn’t using the ancestral weapon. It would have been nice to get that in there. However, we’re guessing its size did not suit the composition very well, and it’s an excellent composition.

Oh, and it’s been pointed out to us that the crow… has three eyes (you see two, but one happens to be in the middle of its head!)

Win a Scent Box

For those who’ve coveted the Maester’s Path scent box sent out to a few lucky people (including ourselves) a few weeks ago, HBO and Winter is Coming have teamed up for a contest, a rare opportunity to get a hold of one of these exclusive items! Unfortunately, for legal reasons, the competition is for U.S. residents only (before you ask, that is also why—run by two people in miserably rainy, windy Sweden—won’t be offering any similar contest.)

Go over to WiC to earn more, and good luck to the contestants. We hope whoever wins will share a report of your impressions when you get it!

Belfast Set Visit Report Concludes

The 5th and final part of my report, stemming from visit to Paint Hall and Magheramorne, is now up. It covers a long car-trip I shared with GRRM and Parris, in which we discussed several topics, and then my time spent watching some of the filming—and meeting executive producer David Benioff and several of the actors—at Magheramorne quarry, where Castle Black has been raised.

Below is a full index of the parts, from events from before the set visit (such as breakfast with George and first meeting Bryan Cogman) on through the whole visit, as well as a link to my Moot report from the same evening.

Maester’s Path: 2nd Puzzle

It’s gone live, and it features heraldry! Very pleased with this one, which is a “spatial audio experience” that moves you through the Inn at the Crossroads as you unravel a story and get hints towards where the various coats of arms should be placed.

Some hints:

  • Notice the floor—the tree of arms is there, with each branch leading to a different table.
  • Listen carefully at each station. Each one can give a hint about what region goes to what branch. They may clearly refer to one region, or they may refer to one of the sigils which can then tell you what region goes there.
  • One of the hints is very important, because it associates a specific sigil to a very specific place. If you don’t place it there, you won’t solve the puzzle, even if you have it in the right branch. There is only one sigil that has to be placed that particularly. The other two branches, it only matters that you have the correct sigils for each of them.
  • Sigils from four different regions are present, but only three regions are ever mentioned at all in the audio (directly or indirectly).
  • Heraldry matters. Figure out which sigils belong to each region, and remember, one of the regions is a red herring.
  • Great fun, and great work by Campfire and HBO!
What to Expect in April

For those in the U.S., the schedule at is going to prove a regularly-visited place each Sunday, as it appears HBO will be revealing quite a few things that way…

For example… a 27 minute “Making Game of Thrones” program is scheduled for multiple airings, starting April 6th. We expect this to feature at least some new footage, while possibly mixing in some things from prior videos such as the Artisans (which, we believe, have never aired on HBO-proper).

And then on the 17th, Game of Thrones‘s first episode—apparently titled “Winter is Coming”, according to the listing—will be aired three times, from 9 PM EST through to 12 AM, giving potential viewers plenty of chance both to catch the show ... or, if you’re the die-hard fan we expect, to re-watch it a couple of times to make sure you have your fill.

Not too much longer, is it?

Hat tip to Winter is Coming for reminding us about the schedule.

International Air Dates

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of air dates, covering every country we have an inkling of(or think we soon ought to have some knowledge of) in regards to the air date for Game of Thrones. We’ve broken it into several sections, from those that have locked in dates all the way through to those we have no information about at all. Each section is alphabetical (except for the first, where the U.S., U.K., and Canada are given precedence), in the hopes it will make finding a specific country easier.

If you have any corrections, clarifications, or additional information regarding broadcasters or air dates, please feel free to comment or to e-mail us directly.

New Trailer Gallery

Screen captures from the latest trailer are now available, starting with the gorgeous image of the Wall you’re seeing to the right. Big, isn’t it? Some other exciting images are a glimpse of the silhouette of Winterfell as seen from a distance, and the (rather controversial) first look at an


white walker. I expect April 3rd’s 15 minute sneek peek from the 1st episode will convince those who are dubious that that really is an Other.

If anyone wants to try and estimate how large Winterfell is supposed to be from that image, by the way, please feel free to add a comment onto the gallery page for the image. I’m stumped as to whether it can be estimated in any reasonable fashion.

HBO Canada Correction

A report earlier in the day noted that HBO Canada stated that April 17 would see Game of Thrones premiere on April 17th. This caused a great deal excitement, especially as it seemed likely the U.S: would do the same… but it turns out it was an error. HBO Canada’s listing was incorrect. HBO has confirmed that HBO Canada will only be running one episode on April 17, and has corrected its listing to reflect that. HBO in the United States will also be premiering with just the first episode.

Belfast Set Visit Part 4: Art and Design

The penultimate part of my Belfast set visit report is now posted, featuring my tour of the production offices, where I saw a great deal of art.. Just one part left, covering my trip to Magheramorne, the site of Castle Black. Enjoy!

Sneak Peek on April 3rd!

HBO has just sent out a press release revealing that there’ll be a 15-minute sneak peek of Game of Thrones on April 3rd! We had an inkling that something was up, but we had no idea it’d be this. It’s a great piece of news for the fans eagerly anticipating the show. You can find the full release below the cut.

Exclusive EW Trailer

This is a busy, busy day—and though I’m still sick as a dog, I just had to share this,  a full trailer for Game of Thrones which is an EW Exclusive. A lot of great things here, including some dialog from a Littlefinger and Varys scene that we haven’t seen before, and a very brief glimpse of the Wall in its full majesty—this is the bit Linda and I saw in the 15-minute-reel, and we’re pretty sure everyone’s going to be very pleased with how it looks here!

By the way, for those wondering, no, this trailer does not feature final music by composer Ramin Djawadi—it’s stock or sourced from a third-party music composition group, as with previous trailers.

Making Game of Thrones: Concept Art

A brand new video from the Making Game of Thrones site, this time featuring Paul Inglis, the supervising art director, and a great deal of concept art:

Belfast Set Visit Part 3: Armor Galore

The next part of my set visit report is up in the Features section, featuring a great deal of armor geekery, a visit to the throne room, and more. Pictures courtesy of HBO and Parris McBride.

I hope to get the next part out tomorrow… but I am coming down with something and so may have to delay it a day. Fingers crossed.

New Game of Thrones T-Shirts

HBO has released a fantastic new series of T-shirts at their HBO Shop storefront, and suffice it to say, we’re pretty excited (and somewhat sad—U.S.-shipping only right now). Male and female designs cover a range of houses with their mottoes: Lannister, Targaryen, Stark, Baratheon, Arryn, and even Tully and Greyjoy(!)

Our personal favorite is the Targaryen dragon, we think, especially since they have corrected it from their initial filming, possibly because we noted the fact that the dragons are in fact supposed to have two legs.