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More on Michelle Fairley

We’ve sprinted about the ‘net to try and learn more about Michelle Fairley, the actress now cast in the role of Catelyn Stark following Jennifer Ehle’s departure. From what we can find, Fairley is a very private person and maintain a low media profile, as noted in this Belfast Telegraph chat.

Catelyn Recast: Ehle Out, Fairley In

The Hollywood Reporter notes some very big news, and probably one of the bad pieces of news that GRRM has recently alludedto : Jennifer Ehle is out of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Replacing her is Northern Irish actress Michelle Fairley, who played Hermione Granger’s mother in the Harry Potter films.

Update: The Live Feed provides a little more information, stating that the source for this news revealed that Ehle’s departure is a behind-the-scenes issue, and not at all performance-related, apparently to knock down “blogosphere” rumors that claimed that HBO was not entirely happy with the pilot to begin with.

Harry Lloyd Also in Jane Eyre

According to Harry Lloyd (Viserys Targaryen in HBO’s Game of Thrones), he’s also part of the new Jane Eyre film going into production next week in the U.K., joining Tamzin Merchant. At the 1:26.20 mark of this BBC Radio 1 interview with fellow cast members from “The Little Dog Laughed”, he states he has a small part and that he just came off the read-through for the script.

Thanks to shelikeswaves on Twitter for the heads-up!

Tamzin Merchant in Jane Eyre

It’s being reported in the media that the new Jane Eyre film, starring Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) and Michael Fassbender (300), will also feature Tamzin Merchant. The project starts filming next week in the U.K., according to the reports. Merchant, who’ll star as Daenerys Targaryen in HBO‘s Game of Thrones, can be seen in Showtime’s The Tudors beginning next month, as the young, doomed queen, Catherine Howard.

Hat-tip to Admiring Tamzin Merchant, a fan site for the actress, for pointing out this news.

Jane Espenson - Game of Thrones Writer

The big news today is that Jane Espenson—a writer best known, perhaps, for her work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but also with significant writing and producing credits on Battlestar Galactica and Caprica—will be joining HBO’s Game of Thrones as a freelancer writing the sixth episode. The news was broken by Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune.

In the course of it, she also confirmed previous reports that Bryan Cogman would write the fourth episode and that George R.R. Martin would write an episode in the series. She added an additional piece of new(ish) information, as well: Benioff and Weiss will write the remainder of the episodes in the ten-episode season. While the original plan seems to have been Benioff and Weiss to write all the episodes but the one GRRM wrote, when the news of Cogman’s writing chores were announced this cast into doubt just how many more scripts they would personally pen. Now we know.

A Look at the Budget

After much research and math, we’d like to share our newest article: A Budget to be Reckoned With. Taking the facts and figures made available in the wake of the greenlight, we exhaustively try to sort out what the purchasing power of the reported £30 million ($45 million US) budget is compared to similar productions, past and present. It’s not a straightforward calculation, as average wages, tax incentives, and other such things have to be worked into it. However, the end result is that there’s serious cause for some additional jubilation: this is a big production by any reasonable standard.

Production Notes

After chasing about for more information on the visual effects of HBO’s Game of Thrones—see our in-depth article—we now have some new information we can share via IMDB. There, a 2D supervisor from Look Effects is listed. Looking up their website, which is replete with demo reels and clips of their work from various films and television programs, one can see they have extensive experience. Among the projects they’ve worked on? Lost and Pushing Daisies on television, The Spirit and Speed Racer (major compositing projects which used green screen heavily) for film.

After contacting the supervisor (Brad Kalinoski), I’ve sent an update to IMDB to correct his listing: his role is a VFX, not SFX, position.  He also clarified that his position is 2D supervisor at Look Effects, “Im the manager of the dept, I oversee all the artists, the comp/digital supervisors and answer and assist with the VFX supervisors internally and clients.”

What else out of the IMDB grab bag? We spotted the choreographer Javier de Frutos in the list.  We can only assume he provided choreography for the dancers during the wedding of Daenerys Targaryen to Khal Drogo. And then there’s Simon Brindle, who’s listed as supervisor of the costume armour department. At least at some point he worked with Artisan Armours in the U.K., and his credits include A Knight’s Tale, Oliver Stone’s Alexander, and the upcoming Clash of the Titans remake. A sampling of his work from Alexander can be found here and here.

There’s also a music supervisor, Mary Ramos, whose credits include a number of Quentin Tarantino projects. From what sources have told us, the pilot does not have an original score or score composer as of yet, but presumably Ramos will be involved in that process, as well as working out how to work in the music from Corvus Corax into the Winterfell feasting scenes shot at Doune Castle.

Call for Crew

North Ireland Screen is facilitating hiring for HBO’s Game of Thrones, with a lengthy list of some 90 positions. This goes to show how major a production this is, and there’s certainly a lot of opportunity for those with experience in film and television to find a place in the extensive crew.

Just remember to follow the instructions carefully. Note that there’s presently an unclear part to the instructions, however, which we’re clarifying here: provide CV with full contact details and in addition provide contact details for two references in the industry.

The Appeal of Game of Thrones

The BBC has a new report examining why the anticipation level for Game of Thrones has been so high, interviewing fans and booksellers.

Of particular interest are producer Mark Huffam’s comments, reiterating that the natural, unspoiled beauty of Northern Ireland played a part in convincing HBO to set the fantasy drama there. He cites several locations as examples: “There’s the Mournes, Tollymore, the Antrim Coast and Shane’s Castle to name but a few.”

And from the article, just because it’s amusing: “The demand for suitably hairy extras was so great that some had to be recruited from local heavy metal message boards.”

Meet Maester Luwin

British actor Donald Sumpter, cast in the role of Maester Luwin in HBO’s Game of Thrones, has been announced to provide his vocal talents towards the new, direct-to-DVD motion captured Ultramarines film in the Warhammer 40k setting. At the 4:05 mark, Sumpter is interviewed, and it gives a great chance get a look a the actor playing one of the many memorable characters in the series. Alongside Sumpter, the likes of John Hurt and Terence Stamp (who has received some support among fans as a possible choice for Tywin Lannister) will also provide their talents to the production.

Much more about Ultramarines can be found at the Wertzone, which brought the video above to our attention.

Fire and Blood

It’s nothing we’ve noticed before, but it seems that the production of Game of Thrones was officially carried out by an entity called Fire and Blood Productions. At a guess, this was essentially a temporary production company created specifically for produce the pilot. It’s a nice nod to the series.

It’s also opened up some new production information for us. For example, for the technical gearheads out there, we now know that the popular and widely-used ARRICAM Lite was among the camera systems used on the production, shooting 35mm film, as was the ARRIFLEX 235, a light-weight handheld 35mm film camera which may have been used for spontaneous angles… or, one might speculate based on director Thomas McCarthy‘s previous films, the light handhelds could be used to provide a more inimate, “you are there” feeling to certain sequences.

It also reminds us that Jeremy Woodhead, listed as make-up artist and hair designer for the pilot, has an extensive career, including major films such as The Lord of the Rings and Munich.

Additional Associate Producer

According to his LinkedIn profile, Greg Spence is now associate producer of HBO‘s Game of Thrones. According to Wikipedia, an associate producer, “usually acts as a representative of the Producer, who may share financial, creative, or administrative responsibilities, delegated from that producer.”

Spence has a significant amount of history with HBO in similar roles, having been associate producer on their award-winning miniseries, John Adams and Generation Kill, and the recent film Temple Grandin. He also appears to have extensive experience in post-production management, suggesting one of his roles will be to oversee post-production of episodes.


Game of Thrones Writer Named

According to actor/writer Michael Goldstrom, his writing partner Bryan Cogman—listed as script editor for the pilot—will be writing the fourth episode of Game of Thrones. We know they’re already at work sorting out scheduling matters, and it seems they already have at least some idea of the first season breakdown and who’ll be assigned to writing various episodes.

Oscar-winner Robert Stromberg

Robert Stromberg, visual effects supervisor for Game of Thrones, shared one of the several awards James Cameron’s Avatar won at this year’s Oscars, the award for Achievement in Art Direction. Stromberg was later noted as having given one of the most moving back stage interviews after the win, sharing his survival of a life-threatening illness thirteen years ago which gave him a new perspective on life and his work.

Many congratulations to Mr. Stromberg, whose efforts for Game of Thrones we’re all looking forward to. If you want a more recent example of his work, however, we recommend taking a look at Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, on which Stromberg was production designer, helping to bring Burton’s whimsical visions into reality.

Weekend Recap

This has been the busiest week for news about HBO’s Game of Thrones since the filming of the pilot, with a host of new information. To help gather all in one place, here’s our weekend recap of all the notable tidbits: