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UPDATED: Post-Moot Reports

Silverstar reports about the post-signing moot starting here, and along the way cites the fact that Kit Harington (who was exhausted) and Alfie Allen didn’t attend the event, but that the rest of the cast who had been present at the signing did, as well Esmé Bianco and (briefly) Rory McCann (who plays Sandor Clegane). There was also a marriage proposal at the event, with a bit of assistance from GRRM himself!

We also have a lengthy report from Adam Whitehead, who maintains the excellent Wertzone SF/F review blog, which you can find here. Biggest piece of news there? While George cautions HBO could still pass on it, he also said that there’s the possibility of a two-season advanced order! It’s a remote possibility, but the fact that it’s even on the table is remarkable—HBO generally only commits to shows a season at a time, and it can take several seasons before they’re willing to go further than that.

UPDATE: Silverstar’s shared her terrific collection of photos from the signing and the moot. Many thanks! Some excellent shots of GRRM, Parris, and the cast.

Telegraph Article and More Photos

While we expect news to trickle in tomorrow morning from the results of the post-signing moot, we did learn bia Winter is Coming,that the Belfast Telegraph has a brief interview with George R.R. Martin as well as commentary on the turnout at Eason’s book signing. Of note is his mention of the execution scene being filmed at Cairncastle the previous day, and that he has yet to enter the Paint Hall studio.

Below are the other two images Parris sent us from the signing, showing the crowd lined up for the signing as well as a cool photo of Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy), and Richard Madden (Robb Stark).

Eason’s Signing Reports & Photos

Today, George R.R. Martin held a signing at Eason’s bookstore in Belfast, and a large crowd of fans attended. Also attending were a number of the actors: Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Richard Madden (Robb Stark), Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy), Ron Donachie (Ser Rodrik Cassel), Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), and Maisie Willaims. We have a number of reports from fans over at the forum, one of the more detailed of which is from Adam Whithead and can be found here. A brief summary of details: several of the actors have been reading the series, and Donachie has finished all four and claims he’s hectoring George about the next. Kit Harington was exhausted from several very long days of shooting, and Richard Madden was very personable and took with good humor his recent acclaimation as Scotland’s most stylish man of the year.

Finally, via the incomparable Parris, we have several brilliant photos of George and various actor.

Filming Tomorrow

George R.R. Martin is now in Belfast, escaping the very wet Scotland of the last day or two for the equally wet North ireland, and he reports that HBO’s pilot for Game of Thrones is scheduled to shoot an execution scene tomorrow. This scene will involve most of the Starks men and boys, plus the character of Gared, played by actor Richard Ridings. Everything seems to be moving along on schedule.

Costuming Remarks

Rimshot, an extra in North Ireland, had this to say about what he saw during his costuming fitting for his role as a “Stark Servant”:

“You will see what I saw soon enough but I will say this. I have worked on loads of films and worn loads of costumes and those I saw yesterday were some of the highest quality I have ever seen (wait till you see the armour!) I can’t wait to get my servant’s costume back on and to step into the world of GOT.”

Sounds like Michele Clapton has pulled out all the stops.

UPDATE: Corvus Corax Speaks

Over at the A Song of Ice and Fire fourm, a member of Corvus Corax posts a message to fans. Norri (on the right in this image) states that the three days the band was in Scotland for the filming were terrific. A nice thing to post, and it shows that participants in the filming recognize the buzz that the show is getting.

And speaking of the pilot shoot, not too much to update, except for an unconfirmed report over at Winter is Coming that the prologue scene was filmed today at Tollymore Forest Park near Belfast. Some excellent pictures of the park can be found at

North Ireland Photos.

In response to our question, Norri adds that the two songs they played during filming were “Skudrinka” (found on Viator ) and “Ballade de Mercy” (found on Seikilos).

Last Doune Report

A last little report from Doune, thanks to a fan who managed to glimpse some footage on the monitors while wandering the castle. Ace_Jones’s initial report was to say that he couldn’t imagine the production in better hands after what he had seen.

GRRM On Doune And Belfast Signing

Over at his “Not a Blog”, George R.R. Martin reports that filming at Doune has indeed wrapped up—today and tomorrow will just be the crew putting things back how they were, and transferring on to Belfast. He also notes, “so far, so good,” which is a good thing to hear. From there, he discusses his further plans—he’ll be in Belfast several days from now for the shooting there—and then comments on the Belfast signing at Eason’s set for the 3rd. He and Parris believe they’ve convinced several of the cast to attend the event, in part by promising that his fans are “essentially harmless. Hah.”

Game of Thrones Director of Photography

We’ve come across an article at the Irish Film and Television Network revealing the director of photography: Sean Bobbitt (hat-tip to Maubery at Winter is Coming for pointing it out). U.K. based, he’s not quite as international as some of the other crew we’ve come across so far, but among his most recent credits are his Emmy-nominated work in the BBC’s most recent Sense and Sensibility adaptation and a British Independent Film Award for cinematography for The Hunger.

Award-winning FX Supervisor on Game of Thrones

Noticing a tweet on our timeline from Julia Frey, VFX producer for Game of Thrones, in which she noted she was dining with Robert Stromberg. He’s an award-winning special effects supervisor and now the production designer behind such major films as James Cameron’s Avatar and Tim Burton’s Alice in WonderlandWiC_Blog immediately guessed that he was the Robert noted as the special effects supervisor for HBO’s production of the George R.R. Martin fantasy series, and Julia has since confirmed this.

Can’t but imagine that this is something of a coup for a pilot production, having someone of Stromberg’s stature involved. Among his FX supervision credits are Scorsese’s The Aviator, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and The Golden Compass.

Game of Thrones Tuesday Reports

Much quieter today as far as reporting goes, alas, but we can start things off with an excellent follow-up from yesterday’s report by Jackie, which can be found here at the A Song of Ice and Fire forum. Make sure to check pages both before and after, because Jackie and Crakehall expand on a lot of the points under the assault of questions from eager fans.

Some exciting things we’ve learned is that Lena Headey as Cersei was spotted, wearing a very elaborate gown and an orante headdress, and we’ve had more descriptions of various other principals (for example, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau—playing Jaime Lannister, the Kingslayer—is said to be very impressive, tall and broad-shouldered and with the requisite blonde hair). Jackie provides links to images that she feels represent some of the costumes she saw, including a famous portrait by Vermeer. The wolf pups have been described in more detail by Jackie over at Winter is Coming and its day three report—they’re about knee high, not newborn pups, but not terribly intimidating. Finally, the commentator grimhelm at WiC is there today, and it seems somewhat quieter but no less interesting. He confirms that Corvus Corax is the German medieval band that performed during filming. Those who’ve had the opportunity to interact with the crew—including producers Dan Weiss and director Tom McCarthy—have been enthused by their good humor at the fan attention.

As we’ve heard, today is the last significant day of filming at Doune. We also have heard from Jamie Campbell Bower, who was on his way to Belfast this morning, suggesting that soon the whole operation will be shifting to the Paint Hall studio in Northern Ireland. Information about filming after that point is likely to become much rarer once filming is focused on a closed studio and, later, away in Morocco.

Detailed Set Report

Jackie (aka JacMac30) posts a lengthy report of everything they witnessed, here. Lots and lots of details regarding the appearances of several actors, costumes, etc. Fantastic information. She notes staff were quite eagle-eyed about photos, apparently there has been some annoyance at the photos that have leaked to date (although all of those have been of the exterior of the castle).

Word from Doune

Crakehall, a member of the A Song of Ice and Fire forum, provides a gripping series of bits of news, one of the first reports we’ve had from Doune today. You can start finding his posts here. Among the tidbits: over a 100 extras in costume, a well-known medieval music troupe from Germany performing at the feast scene, a number of the actors on set, GRRM has filmed his cameo, and the costuming is amazing.

Crakehall also shares a photograph here, with George R.R. Martin and his partner Parris outside of the castle.

Game of Thrones Today

A brief update on what news we have to share. Via our westerosorg twitter account, you’ll find posts from last night in which we stumbled across reports from MissKatiana2, a stand-in for “two of the actresses” who was at Doune on Saturday. Stand-ins are used to block scenes for the cameras and arranging lighting for when the actual scenes are filmed; in fact, her report makes it sound like Saturday was primarily about rehearsals and set-up. She describes a scene she helped block, where she stood in for an actress coming out of the castle cellar with a handmaiden carrying her train behind her. She also mentions Sean Bean’s stand-in having given her a lift. Finally, she says she’ll be needed through Tuesday.

George R.R. Martin recounts having met a number of the actors at the hotel where much of the production is staying, and in particular notes that he feels some guilt at the horrors to be visited on the young actresses playing Arya and Sansa after having met them. Shooting resumes today, and from all accounts it seems like pretty much all the principals will be there, including Sean Bean.

Another Doune Report

Posting a report of what he saw yesterday, a poster at the A Song of Ice and Fire forum shared the following:

“Okay, so I popped in to Doune in mid-afternoon yesterday (24th). As has been said before, the staff were really courteous.

Dinklage was in the courtyard when I arrived, at that point we were being asked not to loiter so I went upstairs, turned a corner… and found myself in the great hall in Winterfell!
It was all set up for the feast, with tapestries on the wall and enough seating for about 50. It looked really cool - though as has been mentioned before in this thread, a lot smaller than I’d imagined. Went back down (after phoning my mates from Winterfell!) just before they were rehearsing a scene with Ghost - a very cute(!) white wolf puppy. I, along with the rest of the public were ushered away while they did the rehearsal, so can’t tell you anything about that.

Rehearsal must have ended then, because Dinklage left the set, chatting to (I think) Ron Donnachie (Rodrick Cassel). I think the glum looking (it was really cold and wet this weekend!) youth following behind in a hoody was Kit Harington (Jon Snow).”