Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Monte Carlo Interviews

The Monte-Carlo Television Festival has been going on, and a number of actors from Game of Thrones were present: Sean Bean (Eddard Stark), Mark Addy (King Robert Baratheon), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister), and Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen). There’s a great picture of the actors together here, posted by Roxanne Centola.

Naturally, there were interviews with the actors, and a couple of video interviews have surfaced on the web with Coster-Waldau and Clarke. Coster-Waldau (whom we’ve interviewed) has a very amusing remark regarding Hodor in “The Pointy End (see our interview with actor Kristian Nairn—where he hinted at that scene—here) and also appears to give first confirmation of the fact that he’s scheduled to appear at San Diego Comic Con as part of HBO’s promotion of the show. As to Clarke? She gets asked about the nude scenes and sex scenes, and has a surprising answer as to what was the most difficult of those scenes to film.

Emmy Nomination Submissions

The Emmy nomination ballots have been published for the nominating voters to make use of. These ballots contain the submissions from various shows and networks for awards, and the nominating ballots will narrow that list down to the final nominees. Naturally, Game of Thrones shows up quite a bit! See our summary of the series’ submissions below.

Episode 8 Thronecast

Sky Atlantic snuck this one up on us, not having told us they were having Michelle Fairley’s interview just then! Very interesting hearing the actress (who doesn’t give many interviews at all) discuss her character and Robb. And, yes, they have Linda and I on towards the end to discuss the episode. Good times!

Ratings are In for Episode 8

And “The Pointy End” (yes, recap and analysis of the episode still to come) has hit a new high for an original airing, with 2.715 million viewers according to TV By the Numbers. That’s up 13% from last week’s figure. Overnight, the show’s pulled in 3.6 million viewers, according to Deadline Hollywood.

In the U.K., Game of Thrones is holding steady on the overnights, 523,000 viewers (just 4,000 less than the previous week). More importantly, total viewership across the week is in concerning episode 6, and that’s reached 1.621 million viewers, according to BARB, the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board.

Thanks to WyvernWood for the U.K. information.

First Game of Thrones Nomination

A little bird has pointed out that Game of Thrones has garnered its first nomination, in the Critics’ Choice Awards‘s Best Drama Series category. A big category with some big competition, including fellow HBO series Boardwalk Empire, AMC’s tremendous Mad Men, and AMC’s own page-to-screen adaptation The Walking Dead.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of the series! Although there’s no other nominations, we expect to see a few more of these coming along in the days and months to come.

A Diary by Charles Dance

The Evening Standard magazine has a “diary” piece by none other than Charles Dance, who plays the Lannister patriarch Lord Tywin in Game of Thrones. He mentions the series at a couple of points, but mostly it’s a fine look at his daily life as an actor from his own perspective.

Particularly love the anecdote about Sir John Gielgud at the end.

Sneak Peek for Episode 8

Usually, HBO releases two of these… but it looks like there’s just one, at least for now. It’s a nice peek, though, as it features a bit of Tyrion and Bronn interaction. And, you know, Bronn’s actual name for the first name! I do wonder, however, at the lack of horses…

New Dothraki Language Interview

David J. Peterson, creator of the Dothraki language for HBO’s Game of Thrones, answered a few questions for Linda and I concerning his work on the project—including information on one of the languages he created for the show that not so many fans are aware about!

You can find the interview over at Suvudu, Random House’s portal for SF/F and more!

Episode 7 Audio Commentary

Our ongoing series of podcasts with MTV Geek‘s Tom and Daniel now has caught up to episode 7! You can find it over at our episode guide. Beware, some spoilers for the second season inherent to the discussion.

Essay: The Seven Theses

Our latest article from essayist Pearson Moore is online, with a focus on seven diffrent arguments regarding kingship and rule in the Seven Kingdoms. Thoughtful work as always!

Ratings and Shooting Locations

After last weeks very small drop in the ratings—which was strange, coming off of episode 5—the ratings for this Memorial Day weekend looked unlikely to sustain growth. And that, we suppose, is true enough: as reported by James Hibberd for EW, the show held steady at 2.4 million viewers, with 3.2 million in total after the repeat that evening. However, as Hibberd notes, this particular Sundy evening was down 21% overall in viewership, so holding steady isn’t bad at all.

Hibberd predicts a rise this Sunday, but we’re not so sure: game 3 of the NBA Finals are taking place at the same time, and that’s bound to draw a few eyeballs, especially if the Mavericks and Heat (Go, Heat! BTW) are 1-1 going into that game.

Game of Thrones Soundtrack Details

As we’ve previously reported, Game of Thrones is due to have an official music compilation released on June 28th (not June 14th as previously planned), which can already be pre-ordered.

Film Music Reporter has now gotten a hold of more details, including the full track listing. A sampling of the track titles is below, but for the full details (beware: some of the titles are spoilerish!), visit their site,

Thronecast Episode 7

The latest episode of Sky Atlantic’s Thronecast, their official post-episode webcast, is now available! Join Geoff Lloyd has he hosts the program, looking at the past episode, exploring some of its details, and more. As usual, Linda and I are there to answer a couple of questions, and there’s also an interview with Gethin Anthony, who plays Lord Renly Baratheon (you can also read our interview with the actor).

Inside Episode 7 and Episode 8 Preview

As usual, after You Win or You Die, HBO has released an inside look at the episode—quite a lengthy one, clocking in at 5 minutes—as well as a preview for next week’s episode, “The Pointy End”, written by one George R.R. Martin.

See the videos below.

New Article on “A Golden Crown”

Pearson Moore has provided another incisive essay on the latest Game of Thrones episode, “A Golden Crown”. If we’re not mistaken, it’s his longest yet, and as usual spins out some interesting thoughts drawing from history and popular culture (in this case, an episode of Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing).

In the course of the article, he also compares the novel to the TV show… and in the case of one very particular scene, he thinks the writers have outdone GRRM. Can’t say I disagree with his reasoning on that very specific point (regarding Theon Greyjoy and his interactions with Robb).