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Essay: The Seven Theses

Our latest article from essayist Pearson Moore is online, with a focus on seven diffrent arguments regarding kingship and rule in the Seven Kingdoms. Thoughtful work as always!

Ratings and Shooting Locations

After last weeks very small drop in the ratings—which was strange, coming off of episode 5—the ratings for this Memorial Day weekend looked unlikely to sustain growth. And that, we suppose, is true enough: as reported by James Hibberd for EW, the show held steady at 2.4 million viewers, with 3.2 million in total after the repeat that evening. However, as Hibberd notes, this particular Sundy evening was down 21% overall in viewership, so holding steady isn’t bad at all.

Hibberd predicts a rise this Sunday, but we’re not so sure: game 3 of the NBA Finals are taking place at the same time, and that’s bound to draw a few eyeballs, especially if the Mavericks and Heat (Go, Heat! BTW) are 1-1 going into that game.

Game of Thrones Soundtrack Details

As we’ve previously reported, Game of Thrones is due to have an official music compilation released on June 28th (not June 14th as previously planned), which can already be pre-ordered.

Film Music Reporter has now gotten a hold of more details, including the full track listing. A sampling of the track titles is below, but for the full details (beware: some of the titles are spoilerish!), visit their site,

Thronecast Episode 7

The latest episode of Sky Atlantic’s Thronecast, their official post-episode webcast, is now available! Join Geoff Lloyd has he hosts the program, looking at the past episode, exploring some of its details, and more. As usual, Linda and I are there to answer a couple of questions, and there’s also an interview with Gethin Anthony, who plays Lord Renly Baratheon (you can also read our interview with the actor).

Inside Episode 7 and Episode 8 Preview

As usual, after You Win or You Die, HBO has released an inside look at the episode—quite a lengthy one, clocking in at 5 minutes—as well as a preview for next week’s episode, “The Pointy End”, written by one George R.R. Martin.

See the videos below.

New Article on “A Golden Crown”

Pearson Moore has provided another incisive essay on the latest Game of Thrones episode, “A Golden Crown”. If we’re not mistaken, it’s his longest yet, and as usual spins out some interesting thoughts drawing from history and popular culture (in this case, an episode of Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing).

In the course of the article, he also compares the novel to the TV show… and in the case of one very particular scene, he thinks the writers have outdone GRRM. Can’t say I disagree with his reasoning on that very specific point (regarding Theon Greyjoy and his interactions with Robb).

MTV Geek and Westeros Comment on A Golden Crown

Our latest audio commentary on episode 6, done along with Tom and Daniel of MTV Geek, is now live! Took a bit longer than usual to get out from under everything else, but hopefully we’ll soon be able to return to a more regular schedule on these! You can find it here.

Sneak Peek for Episode 7

HBO’s put out two sneak peeks at episode 7, “You Win or You Die”. The clips feature Osha (Natalia Tena) and Maester Luwin (Donald Sumpter), and Lord Commander Mormont (James Cosmo) which you can find below:

Not So Dastardly After All

Oh, the mischief Froggy wreaks!

Turns out that that last post from GRRM is not a casting clue, as confirmed by Amy Joyce Hasting herself. According to her, that cover (created by Poppaea Bicknell) was for a prop for the film The Callback Queen. Morgane Deare played Horatio King, a bestselling fantasy author whose books were the basis of a big production…

And it turns out that he and his film were directly inspired by GRRM and HBO’s Game of Thrones, which is why George shared it. As to the mischeviousness? Froggy the Gremlin is a troublemaker.

A Dastardly Casting Clue

Perhaps the most elaborate casting clue yet has cropped up on GRRM’s “Not a Blog”, involving a fake book cover, with a fake title, fake blurbs and quotes, a fake author…

What to make of it? We were left scratching our heads, but a clever fan got a cigar from GRRM by figuring out that the photo is of actor Morgan Deare, who plays a character named Horatio King in the film The Callback Queen. Can’t figure out anything about his role—is he the actor cast? It seems unlikely, because Deare is very much an American, and in fact does voiceover work in which he’s noted for his “authorative American” sound. Not to say he couldn’t do a British accent, but… If he were in it, who would he be? Salladhor Saan? Xaro Xhoan Daxos? Hrm.

However, while digging around, we came up with an interesting fact. Could his role in the film be someone who’s inspired by someone else? Such as the lead actress, Irish-born Amy Joyce Hastings, who was sporting some very red hair for that particular role? Her looks would not be bad for Melisandre…

ETA: We see that others have had the same idea. Lets see what GRRM says as more people bring the possibility up in comments.

UPDATE: It’s definitely Amy Joyce Hastings! Check this post from last year, when we found a video of hers on Vimeo featuring her audition for the role of Doreah. Follow through—the video is now private, but notice the name details? 22:22 Productions!

She “inspired” Horatio King, so I’m going with Melisandre here, but some are thinking Ygritte.

International Air Dates Update

It’s been noted to us that there’s been some movement on international air dates for Game of Thrones, so we’ve updated our air date listing. Moving out of the “approximate date” category is Australia, which has since been set for a July 17 airing. We’ve gotten more detail about approximate air dates in Germany and Austria (both will be on TNT Serie in Winter 2011), while Sky Italia will be bringing the show to Italy in 2011.

Game of Thrones on HBO Connect

It looks like HBO Connect has now gone live. This is a really interesting initative from HBO, a way for fans to easily follow and take part in conversations about the show through Twitter. The site design is slick, and it promises to have some unique content down the road…

Like the Conversations section, which will apparently include a fan-driven conversation with Jane Espenson, co-writer of Episode 6. And perhaps more Game of Thrones crew or cast members down the line?

Interview with Harry Lloyd

As promised, our interview with actor Harry Lloyd is now available!

We asked the actors about a number of topics, from his audition for Viserys Targaryen, his experience filming in Morocco for the pilot, all the way through to his final scenes, along with some book-based discussion (including the question he’d most like to ask George about the series)

Inside “A Golden Crown” and More

So, that was a pretty good episode, wasn’t it? HBO has gone and posted an inside-look at the latest Game of Thrones episode with director Daniel Minahan and executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, as well as posted an interview with actor Harry Lloyd, who certainly had a memorable turn as Viserys. Keep an eyes open for our own interview with Lloyd, later this evening!

On top of that, there’s a preview for episode 7, “You Win or You Die”, which includes our introduction to the Lord of Casterly Rock, Tywin Lannister!

Season 2 Casting News Soon

Looks like Froggy the Gremlin is back to his old tricks at George R.R. Martin’s “Not a Blog”. For those who are newer fans of the show, Froggy was a character on a children’s variety program from GRRM’s day, a mischevious gremlin who has now become GRRM’s persona when he’s preparing to start hinting at casting through dastardly riddles and hints.

In the comments to the post, he’s asked about Stannis, and reveals he hasn’t seen any of those yet… but he has seen auditions for “Melisandre . . . Ygritte, Asha, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, Davos, Dolorous Edd, Margaery Tyrell, Brienne, and many more.”