Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Poison Trailer

A brand new promotional trailer for the show, perhaps the very last full trailer before the premiere on April 17th. Titled “Poison”, it has a handful of shots we’ve never seen before, including some moments late in the series (Rugen!)

Media Coverage Continues

A quick round-up of some more media coverage as we enter the weekend:

  • The New York Times discusses the adaptation from book to screen with GRRM, the executive producers, and HBO executives. There’s some interesting details here, such as the fact that reshooting in Malta for Pentos was partially driven by the fact that their Moroccan location was landlocked and didn’t work as well for the coastal Free City.
  • io9 reports on a recent conference call with the executive producers (more from us on that call next week), including a hint about direwolves…
  • TV Guide follows up the “controversy” with Damon Lindelof following GRRM’s remarks on the ending of Lost. The executive producers say quite a bit about the fact that they know, through Martin, the broad outline of what the final season and final episode will be like. They add that they’ve read the first 600 pages of A Dance with Dragons, as well.
  • Finally, Dorkshelf has a great interview with Kit Harington about working on the show, with some interesting tidbits (and some small spoilers for the potential second season) along the way.
The Decency of Ned Stark

Beginning a new series of features, essayist and writer Pearson Moore has joined with to provide in-depth looks at the series, its characters, and the rich, dramatic themes at the heart of George R.R. Martin’s creation. Moore, perhaps best known for his insightful essays into the TV show Lost, is the author of 63 essays about that show, as well as two thought-provoking novels, including the Amazon bestselling Lost Humanity and Lost Identity.

Our first featured essay from Mr. Moore is “Instinctive Honour: The Decency of Eddard Stark in Game of Thrones”, a detailed look into the central figure of A Game of Thrones.

I Want My MTV

You heard right: we’ve teamed up with MTV Geek, MTV’s destination for news of all things cool, wonderful, and otherwise downright geeky! What this means is that MTV Geek will be highlighting HBO’s Game of Thrones, giving Westeros a broader platform to review each episode as it airs, while MTV Geek’s Tom Akel and Daniel Craft will be joining us for a weekly podcast about the show. And who knows, there may be some other tidbits here and there…

Keep your eyes peeled for our first, in-depth review at MTV Geek starting from the 18th!

Wall Street Journal and Harington Interview

The Wall Street Journal has a great article on the production of HBO’s Game of Thrones, which notes a couple of tidbits likely to make fans salivate. First up, a hint as to where the production may do some filming if it goes forward:

¨Before production began, fans posted renderings online of how they imagined colorful King’s Landing, the lush, chilly Winterfell and the eerie blood-covered Castle Black. “I of course ignored all of that because I wanted to make it my own world,” production designer Gemma Jackson said from Croatia, where she was scouting locations for season two before heading to Turkey.

Making Of Video

The new “Making of…” video has been released. Wonderful, wonderful stuff, as always ... especially that opening theme at the 22:38 mark, right? ;)

Mo Ryan Interviews Benioff and Weiss

A brand new interview with David Benioff and Dan Weiss as gone live over at AOL, courtesy of critic (and A Song of Ice and Fire fan—she knows whereof she speaks!) Maureen Ryan. This one’s good ... and that last paragraph is spoilerish, if you haven’t read the books ... but if you have, that should cause a bit of pleasure.

Go over and read it!

Interviewing Gethin Anthony

The role of Lord Renly Baratheon was one that many fans were interested in seeing cast. Filling the role is Gethin Anthony, who brings his talents to bear on a character whose role in this season culminates in a crucial decision . . . and who may well go on to become one of the chief players of the game of thrones if a second season is commissioned. Below is our interview with the actor, discussing his early career, the auditioning process, his views on Renly and Renly’s family, and more…

Read the interview.

Sneak Peeks in San Francisco and London

The San Francisco State University is holding a special advance screening of the first episode of Game of Thrones today, between 6PM and 7PM. First come, first served seating, though they prefer that those attending have an interest in television as an art form. See the Facebook page for more details.

On top of that, the UK’s BAFTA has a free screening on the 15th which sounds particularly interesting, as there’ll be a Q&A with the “creative talent behind the production”. There are limited free tickets available, which you can request via e-mail.

May 8 on HBO in Latin America, Caribbean

Se acerca el invierno! HBO Latin America—which covers a dizzying array of countries—has just updated their schedule into next month. There, they reveal that Game of Thrones will be airing on May 8th on HBO in the countries it serves. Among them? Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Jamaica, Panama, Colombia, Chile, and many more!

We’ll update our International Air Date listing accordingly. We expect HBO Latin America may soon have a formal announcement, if they haven’t released it already.

Media Surge: Interviews and Reviews

Coverage of Game of Thrones is bigging to reach tidal wave-proportions. EW and io9 now have GoT-specific categories, the New Yorker has spoken with George, as has the New York Times, Jason Momoa has given a terrific, fun interview… Lets link some of those up, for those who are eager to get at them:

International Interest High

According to a short piece in Variety, HBO’s Game of Thrones is likely to be HBO’s biggest seller in international markets! Citing that Boardwalk Empire, which was HBO’s best-selling series to international markets (with licenses sold to some 160 countries), the article notes:

Bidding wars broke out among European webs determined to licence the show… Schreger, said, “We knew we had a pair of hot properties in ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and ‘Game of Thrones,’ but buyers’ interest in ‘Thrones’ is phenomenal.”

The article goes on to note some new international market sales that have been eagerly awaited: TNT Serie will air the show in Germany, while Telenet will broadcast it in Belgium. Showtime in Australia is now fully confirmed, as well. The article adds that deals are in the works for Italian, Japanese, and Russian market sales.

We’ve updated our international air dates listing accordingly.

Fifteen Minute Preview

As promised, here’s the first fifteen minutes of the first episode of Game of Thrones, “Winter is Coming”:

Visit the forum to discuss it. The series will premiere April 17 at 9PM ET. Be there!

Our Early Impressions

As we’ve noted, HBO very kindly sent us the six episode screeners that critics received earlier last week, and we’ve rather devoured them all. Linda and I have spent a good deal of time considering and discussing them, and we’ve written an article sharing—in a non-spoiler way—our first impressions. It’s very long, so for those who haven’t the time, here’s our final paragraph that sums things up:

From the point of view of extremely invested fans such as ourselves, the things that we wish were there that aren’t give us a pang, but there’s so much to be joyful about, the gracenotes, the acting,  the visuals, the direction, and the writing [or, to put it more clearly, Linda and I loved it even while feeling that some things had to be sacrificed that we’re sorry to not have on the screen]. But we need to emphasize that we don’t believe that viewers unfamiliar with the books will have the same concern. There’s enough meat in the show, there’s enough depth, that those who are entirely new to it will find something to enjoy. It is really well done fantasy, unlike anything ever produced for television. It is a quality drama, a rewarding one, and we think those who stick through the dizzying number of characters, plotlines, and locations in the first two episodes will be appropriately hooked. If you want the full depth and complexity of the world, all the nuances and subtleties, there’s always the books to turn to.

If you want more, read out first impressions.

Evening Standard Talks Game of Thrones

To add to the media coverage, here’s the U.K.‘s Evening Standard magazine feature on Game of Thrones, interviewing three of the younger stars of the show: Harry Lloyd (who proves the anecdotes we had about geeking out over the books), Richard Madden, and Emilia Clarke. Some excellent material, from the fact that Richard insisted on carrying his “hero” sword (the one out of actual steel) as much as possible rather than the lighter cast resin or aluminum weapons, to Emilia’s efforts to write a movie script of her own.