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King’s Landing Limited Print

A few examples of Graig Kreindler’s limited edition print of King’s Landing, from the Meisha Merlin limited edition of A Clash of Kings, are still available for sale at $40 (including shipping & handling!) Graig has recently provided a clean image of the map, so that buyers will know what to expect. As you can see throughout this thread, everyone who’s bought the map and who has commented has called it quite beautiful.

It’s a perfect holiday gift for any Ice and Fire fanatic, but you should act fast. As he notes in the thread linked above:

“If anyone wants to pick up any before Christmas, it would be best to let me know within the next few days. I am going to be going away on Friday for a week, so I won’t have access to the Internet/lithos/PO thereafter (even though the holidays are right after).”