The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


First Video of Game of Thrones RPG

Cyanide Studio, who are developing the strategy game A Game of Throne: Genesis for release later this year, have also been (fairly quietly) working on another project: an A Game of Thrones roleplaying game. We’ve had some reports and images before in the French gaming media, but France’s Gamekult website now has an extensive video featuring the game’s lead designer, Sylvain Séchi, and a whole heap of shots from the game engine, including in-game cinematic sequences, level designs, and even a few glimpses of the combat.

See below for the video, and some comments:

Thanks to SA Avenger who pointed it out to me, and who explained the reason for why there’s a brief clip from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: the designer is discussing that they were inspired by a slow-time feature in KotOR and implemented something similar in the Game of Thrones RPG. We love the look of Castle Black, and the fact that they’ve dug through a huge mass of art created around the series—check out the Art of A Song of Ice and Fire from Fantasy Flight Games!

I wish I spoke French, so I could understand the whole thing. If any French-speakers would like to summarize some of the highlights in comments, it’d be very appreciated!