The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


2011 Calendar Change

A pleasant surprise: Ted Nasmith‘s gorgeous castle art originally intended for just The World of Ice and Fire world book will be published for Bantam’s A Song of Ice and Fire 2011 Calendar. The calendar will include twelve of Nasmith’s terrific paintings, plus a bonus two-page poster of a thirteenth castle (a very appropriate number, as you’ll see when you get it…) The calendar will be on sale in July

As you may recall, it was previously reported that award-winning artist John Picacio would be illustrating the 2011 calendar. Obviously, this is a change, but one that John explains. The reason for the change, according to him? Bantam wanted the art in earlier than originally planned so they could take advantage of the expected buzz for HBO’s adaption of the series during the usual, summer media blitz at San Diego Comic-Con and other such occasions. John’s art will be seen gracing the 2012 calendar instead.

We recommend visiting both artist’s sites. Ted’s, especially, has several of the calendar pieces posted on his website’s gallery, under Other Work. They’re gorgeous, and we admit, we hope HBO’s production designers take some inspiration from them.