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A Correction on Dunk & Egg

We recently posted about the fact that Locus Magazine posted a date for the publication of Dangerous Women—containing the fourth Dunk & Egg novella—for May 2013, and that Amazon.de was listing the Dunk & Egg collection for May 2014 following. Alas, that may (may) be jumping the gun. After digging further, I’ve learned that the date is not yet fixed for either of these publications by the publishers; where Locus got its updated date, we do not know, but it may be the sort of prospective date publishers often put on books. That said, May 2013 and May 2014 respectively is entirely possible—I’ve confirmed this—but the final decision lies with the publishers (Tor and Bantam, respectively) who will be making them down the road.

Still, the next Dunk & Egg story is about the “She-Wolves of Winterfell”, we can say that much for certain. Once we get a solid date on the book, we’ll be sure to share it here.