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A Dance and a Contest

Two items that should be of interest to fans were posted over at Suvudu over the weekend or thereabouts, but with all the excitement over

First, the first glimpse of one of the first bound hardcovers of A Dance with Dragons (Preorder: US, UK, Audio US, Audio UK) in the hands of editor Anne Groell, who very cheerfully (...) points out that the book is under embargo; only a handful of reviewers have received copies, and they have all been required to sign non-disclosure agreements. So, don’t expect much in the way of spoilers or reviews until a few days prior to the release on July 12th at the earliest.

And secondly, in honor of the finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Suvudu’s launched a contest with a total of twenty prizes: ten copies of the first novel, and ten copies of the first novel in audio book form. The audio book, read by actor Roy Dotrice, is a real treat—and won Dotrice an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records!