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A Dance with Dragons at #2

After the recent word that A Dance with Dragons (US, UK) had reached #4 at Amazon.com’s bestseller list, we decided to drop by today and see if it had fallen… and quite the contrary, it’s risen to the #2 position, making it Amazon’s #1 fiction title. It also seems to have somehow been in their top 100 list for 256 days, which we can’t quite make sense of given that pre-ordering had been disabled until recently, but there you are.

A hop over to their Science Fiction & Fantasy bestseller list also reveals that A Game of Thrones has been on the Top 100 list for over a year. Pretty amazing!

In other news, the audio book is now being solicited for a release on the same day as the hardcover. I’ve recently heard that there hasn’t quite been a decision yet as to who will be reading it, but Bantam’s aware how much GRRM and the fans would like to see Roy Dotrice reprise his reading from the first three books. We’ve also heard, just yesterday, that the health issues the led him to having to leave his role as Grand Maester Pycelle have largely resolved themselves, which is something we were very pleased to learn.