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Australia Worldcon Party & Raffle

As has become tradition, the Brotherhood without Banners—George R.R. Martin’s unofficial fan club—are going to be throwing room parties at this year’s Worldcon in Melbourne, Australia. Precise details of time and date will be arriving soon, but flyers are being prepared (date and time to be confirmed). The fans are also organizing a book raffle at the site, filled with some notable prize packages, and George and Parris seem like they’ll be contributing some goodies to the prize pool.

If you’re thinking of attending this year’s Worldcon, drop by Westeros.org’s forum, where this and other fan gatherings are planned and discussed. As is also traditional, there’s a couple of threads where fans who aren’t attending are posting questions they’d like to see answered during George’s two Q&A sessions at his HBO panel and his ADwD reading; naturally, the So Spake Martin collection will become a repository for all the interesting reports and items that come out of the convention.