The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


Calendar of Ice and Fire

Fantasy Flight Games, producers of the Art of A Song of Ice and Fire artbook, the Game of Thrones card game , and the Game of Thrones Board Game, have announced their 2006 release line-up at their Rants page.

The two pieces of notable information includes new details of the Storm of Swords expansion for the board game and 2007 wall ASoIaF calendar:

“The second expansion for the bestselling A Game of Thrones board game arrives in June. This is both a companion game and an expansion for the original. In the companion game, up to four players vie for power on an all-new game board, which depicts the Trident Riverlands area of Westeros. New Tactics cards allow you to gain combat bonuses, make your armies more mobile, or gather more power. New Ally cards enable you to gain the support of lesser houses, hardened sellswords, and cold-blooded outlaws. New Leaders allow you to march devastating forces into battle, and you can make your opponents beg for mercy when you take their Leaders hostage. A Storm of Swords also features new House cards for all six of the great houses, an alternative set of Westeros decks, and rules for incorporating Tactics cards, Leaders, and other new mechanics into the classic A Game of Thrones board game…”

“We also plan to release beautifully illustrated wall calendars for both A Song of Ice and Fire and Call of Cthulhu this year (2007 calendars), so you’ll be able to bring the look and ambiance of Westeros and Lovecraft Country into your home or office.”