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Dance with Dragons Update and a World Record

GRRM has shared a couple of updates to his “Not a Blog”. Amusingly, the excellent actor (and friend of GRRM) Roy Dotrice has been awarded a Guinness Book of World Records entry for having voiced 224 unique, distinguishable characters for a single audio book: the unabridged Game of Thrones. George notes that Roy has almost certainly already broken this record, if not with A Clash of Kings, then certainly with A Storm of Swords.

As to A Dance with Dragons (US, UK), George has apparently vanquished a kraken… only to have another one “swarm up from the depths”, suggesting he’ll have to write at least one more chapter having to do with the ironborn. He notes that A Dance with Dragons has now surpassed the page count (in manuscript) of A Storm of Swords by some 30 pages.