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Dinner with George

Thanks to the Opus Fantasy Arts Festival, it looks like fans will be able to join George R. R. Martin, author of the acclaimed A Song of Ice and Fire series, for a Moroccan feast! A perfect chance to ask George about Dornish cuisine and customs, too. ;)

Following is the official announcement from the festival, with contact information in case you are interested in joining in:

Hey all,

So in sorting out George’s programming for the show here in Denver he’s advised me that he’d like to set up a dinner off site. To that end we are looking into arranging a closed party for folks who would like dinner with him. But to set it up intelligently I need to know how many folks will be in attendance.

George’s restaurant of choice is Mataam Fez (it’s a Moroccan place that features a 5 course meal) Anyway, I am asking folks on several lists if they intend to attend the event so I can set up a feast that will work for all involved.

If you believe you will be in attendance and would like to join him for a Moroccan feast please write me at faefests [at] yahoo [period] com

The dinner will probably be on Saturday, May 26, although nothing is yet certain. Further information will be posted on the official Opus website. Once a date and time is set, the Calendar will be updated.