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Discussing A Dance with Dragons

Something new from Linda and I: a video discussion between us about George R.R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons, covering the experience of reading it early, where we place it in the hierarchy of the novels, and the beginnings of some more detailed discussion. Despite that, it is spoiler-free. It is, also, the first of three parts.

And, just to emphasize, this has been our first try and this, and there are various little problems—the video cuts off audio for the last few seconds (the result of a mistake in splitting it, I think), I need to tweak the microphone volume next time we record one of these, and I also had a bit of an allergy attack going on and so there’s some sniffling and nose-rubbing for which I very much apologize!

So, here’s part 1. The rest of the recording (split into two parts—it’s about 32 minutes long in total) will be ready tomorrow, we expect.