The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


GRRM Conquers TIME

No, he’s not become an Elder God, passing through strange aeons. But the conquests continue, nevertheless, and this time it’s TIME’s “Top 10 of Everything 2011” list where he reaches the summits.

A Song of Ice and Fire has taken New York City by storm, A Dance with Dragons has pummeled its way to the top of the Goodreads Choice Awards... and now it’s TIME magazine critic Lev Grossman has named ADwD his top fiction novel of the year.

His colleague James Poneiwozik tries his hand at list-making as well, and has put forward his view of the year’s best television and episodes, and Game of Thrones ranks #5 in his top 10 television programs, with episode 9, “Baelor” taking the #10 spot in Best TV Episodes of the last year. Well-deserved… and I really need to get around to watching Breaking Bad and Justified, it seems.