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GRRM Interview for NY Jets

This interview is rather neat. George has been in New York City since the start of December, doing all sorts of things (including signing books at the HBO Store and a B&N, and recording some sort of Q&A for Audible.com, which we suspect ties into this news)... but he has to kick back and relax at times, right? And in this case, this life-long fan of the New York Jets and New York Giants took the opportunity to watch a home game of one of his two favorite teams (and had the pleasure of seeing the Jets trounce the Chiefs, by the way—alas, that I can’t say the same for the Dolphins…)

While he was there, the official NY Jets site took the opportunity to conduct a celebrity interview. It must have been a chilly day, looking at that fur cap on George’s head. Naturally, he finished it off with a rally cry: “J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!”, but in between he answers a couple of questions about the inspiration for the series and what fans can expect for the second season. Nothing we haven’t heard before, but it’s nice to see George getting a chance to be in the stands for a game.