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GRRM on the Winds of Winter Prologue

In the course of yesterday’s Game of Thrones panel, George dropped a bomb shell for fans eager to hear about the next entry in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, revealing a character who’ll be making an appearance in the prologue. Terri Schwartz of Zap2it managed to get a hold of him right after the panel, and tried to get a bit more information out of him. Those questions, and more—including another confirmation from GRRM that he will not be writing a season 5 script—can be seen here.

Some thoughts on it after the cut.

As George points out, he never said that Jeyne was the POV. The last we hear of her in the novels, she and her mother and sister have been dispatched to the west, along with the imprisoned Edmure Tully and a several-hundreds strong guard under the command of Forley Prester after Jaime thinks on the fact that Jeyne Westerling escaped from Lannister clutches and in the hands of rebels like the Blackfish could be very dangerous to the Iron Throne. It’s a pretty natural conclusion that Jaime’s intuition will very likely be tested in the prologue.