The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


Game of Thrones #1 Hits Shelves

The comic book adaptation of the bestselling first novel in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, A Game of Thrones, is finally hitting shelves today! Dynamite will be publishing single issues, beginning with today’s arrival of issue #1.

Featuring variant covers by Mike S. Miller (of The Hedge Knight) and the famed Alex Ross (Kingdom Come), writing by Daniel Abraham (whom we’ve interviewed about the project when it was first announced), and art by Tommy Patterson, this is the first of a planned 24 issues that would adapt the first novel. Bantam—publisher of the novels in the U.S:—will step up to publish the collected editions as they become available; we’d expect six issues per collection.

Where to find it? You have some options, thankfully! There’s always your friendly local comic shop, which you can find via the Comic Shop Locator if you’re not sure. Other than that, it may take ordering it from a comic shop online, waiting for the collection, or seeing if digital distribution (via ComiXology or Graphic.ly) will become an option, as it presently doesn’t seem to be.

For a preview, make sure to visit Dynamite’s Game of Thrones #1 page.