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Game of Thrones Cast Reads GRRM

Via George’s “Not a Blog”, we’ve learned that three of his novels will be recorded as audiobooks, each of them read by a different actor from HBO’s Game of Thrones.  The three books and their respective actors are:

  • Dying of the Light, read by Iain Glen. It’s Martin’s first novel, very Romantic, touched by a fair bit of Vancian sense-of-wonder. Good read, if imperfect. Glen’s voice should be fantastic for this material. Notably, Martin’s noted that one character in the novel is sort of a precursor to the Hound and the Knight of Flowers.
  • Windhaven, read by Michelle Fairley. Another science fiction novel, this one was written in collaboration with Lisa Tuttle. The title comes from the name of the world where descendants of stranded colonists have developed gliders piloted by “flyers” who are the primary means of keeping contact open between the various islands that they have settled. It’s a very character-driven story.
  • Fevre Dream, read by Ron Donachie. An antebellum vampire horror novel, Fevre Dream takes place on on the Mississippi in large part. It’s an excellent, atmospheric novel that was nominated for the World Fantasy Award, as well as the Locus. I know that Donachie was a fan of the novel even before he started on the series, and Parris (George’s wife) remarked she thought he’d make a fantastic Abner Marsh, the main character of the novel. It’ll be terrific to hear his reading.

As Martin notes, recording sessions have to be scheduled and so on, so there’s no date for when these will be released. But the deals are done and it’s just a matter of time.