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George R.R. Martin Marries

After thirty years as partners, George R.R. Martin and Parris decided to make it official, marrying during a small, private ceremony on Tuesday, February 15th. You can read about it over at “Not a Blog”. Of particular note is a list of charities; rather than send flowers or other gifts, they ask that donations be sent to those worthy causes instead.

Below you can find more information and photos.

Word has it that this year’s Worldcon will feature a true, fannish party in celebration at Renovation, the site at this year’s Worldcon, so yet another reason to attend! Also, for those wondering, the rings were custom made by Celtic Jewelry. According to Parris, the rings were made to-order in under two weeks. We rather love that it seems that the rings have put George in mind of Green Lantern, from his comics fandom days!

Before the photos, we thought we’d excerpt one of George’s commentaries from Dreamsongs, the impressive collection of short stories and novellas covering a large part of his career. Each section—which is roughly chronological—begins with an introduction from George, discussing his life and writing at that time. Here, he writes about moving to Santa Fe, and Parris:

And Santa Fe was where Parris was too, holding down the fort. We’d met at a convention in 1975, a few months before I entered into my ill-considered marriage. I knew I liked her the moment she told me that “A Song for Lya” made her cry (well, she was a stone fox too, and we were both naked when we met, but never mind about that, it’s none of your business). Parris and I stayed in touch after that con, exchanging occasional letters through all the years when I was teaching Catholic girls and she was selling sno-cones and shoveling elephant dung for Ringling Brothers. In 1981 we got together at another convention, and she came to Santa Fe to stay with me awhile. That “while” will have lasted twenty-two years by the time you read this. Now and again one of my readers will ask me why I don’t write sad stories of unrequited love any longer, the way I did so often in the ‘70’s. Parris is to blame for that. You can only write that stuff when your heart is broken.

Our many, many best wishes and felicitations to the happy couple! Among the guests at the wedding were Dave Axler, John Joss Miller, Melinda Snodgrass, Raya Golden, Ty Frank and his wife, and a number of other colleagues and friends. In lieu of flowers or gifts, the bride and groom ask well-wishers to consider donating to the following good causes:

Wild Spirit Woulf Sanctuary


World Wildlife Foundation

Healesville Sanctuary

We hope to have a few more photos from the ceremony and party afterwards in the next day or two, courtesy of Parris.