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Great Interview at Chapters

Chapters Books in Canada asked for reader-submitted questions for an exclusive interview with George R.R. Martin for the release of A Dance with Dragons, and they have posted the results. Right off the bat, they had some great answers. For example, here’s a new bit of news we’ve not had before, connected to the fourth Dunk & Egg novella Martin recently said would be published in his latest anthology with Gardner Dozois, Dangerous Women:

As for other series, other things, well, .  I just signed a contract with Bantam to do a collection of my Dunk & Egg novellas, which take place in Westeros a hundred years before.  We’re going to do a collection of the first four of those (three of which are already written).  The fourth one I have yet to write, and that one will appear in the anthology “Dangerous Women,” which I’m editing with Gardner Dozois.  And then after “Dangerous Women” it will be reprinted in this collection.

There’s a lot of good details in there, so give it a read.