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Guardians of Order News

Guardians of Order, the company producing the A Game of Thrones RPG, has posted a news announcement including some interesting information about the AGoT RPG. It also includes some not so great news; due to them being a Canadian company with incomes in US dollars and expenses in Canadian dollars, their profit has been smaller than expected this year, and they are now trying to raise money quickly to ensure that they will have the funds necessary to bring all of their planned products to the market. One way that they are trying to do this is via a sale of some of their titles, including some rarer ones, so if you have been considering picking up some of their titles, now is a very good time.

We certainly encourage everyone who is interested in the AGoT RPG to consider buying the limited edition. With a $30,000 art budget, we are expecting it to be gorgeous. And very, very faithful to GRRM’s books.