The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


Ice Production Photos

Valyrian Steel released the first photos of their rendition of the Stark Valyrian greatsword Ice—under license from George R.R. Martin, who works closely with them in developing and approving their designs—after all the hullaballoo over HBO’s teaser and featurette release, and so we lost it in the shuffle. But now you can see how the sword has developed from the concept stage.

As GRRM and Valyrian Steel have noted, these replica weapons—so far including Longclaw and Needle—are the only such weapons currently licensed, and so HBO’s versions of the weapons made by their own production team will not be turned into replicas for the forseeable future. As we recall, after Ice is out the door, Valyrian Steel intends to turn their attention to making a replica of King Robert Baratheon’s warhammer.