The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


Ice and Fire RPG Sale

DriveThruRPG, online retailer of e-text editions of a wide range of roleplaying game products, has a special $10 dollar sale on a number of titles. Among them? The A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying Game, an award-winning adaption of the setting by Green Ronin. It’s an excellent way to get to look at the game, which has a custom system specifically for the setting, some new pieces of art for the setting, and some basic write ups concerning the setting’s geography, history, and politics.

And just because we’re big fans over here, Archais Studio Press’s Artesia: Adventures in the Known World is also on sale. Created as a comic book by Mark Smylie—who’s also the writer and artist—the Artesia setting is unabashedly influenced by Game of Thrones, which Smylie has repeatedly cited. If bloody, grimy battles between armies featuring armored knights are of any interest, the RPG book is a great introduction to the setting as well as to Smylie’s gorgeous, watercolored art. The comic books themselves are also available in PDF format, at the ASP page at DriveThruComics (as is Mouse Guard, a beautifully illustrated YA comic which we also recommend for ASoIaF/fantasy fans).