The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


More Info from Testors

On the heels of our previous post, Mikel Butterworth of the Testor Corporation has provided us further information as well as clarifications to our last report.

The resin statues, due to begin release in November, are indeed 1/18th scale, which will average to about 6" for many figures. Again, these figures come fully assembled and pre-painted, so no hobbyist skills are necessary. These figures will be limited releases, with only 3,000 of any particular figure being produced for both American and international distribution. Besides these limited release resins, there will be some really limited edition runs of certain figures, with no more than 1,000 produced. These can only be acquired by collecting other figures in the resin series and sending in proof-of-purchases for those figures plus money to cover shipping and handling.

The gaming miniatures are 1/48 scale figures, coming out in both metal and plastic lines.

We’ll be reporting more information as it becomes available.