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More on Testors

There’s a veritable feast of information regarding the situations with Testors, thanks to Tom Meier and his blog, The World According to Tom.

In this entry, Tom discusses his history with Testors and a number of problems that happened along the way. Ultimately, Testors’s unfamiliarity with the market they were entering and the particular demands and expectations related to the products seem to have been quite problematic. Most recently, Tom has sent the miniatures for the skirmishing wargame on to another company, Valiant Enterprises, Ltd., who will be casting them with the intent of preparing the way for the wargame to finally see the light of day. Tom adds a little more detail in a follow-up post, and includes a real treat: a picture and detail of the as-yet-incomplete 54mm Loras Tyrell figure he’s sculpted and a generic Night’s Watch figure for the wargame.

In comments to one of the posts, a representative of Miniature Wargaming.com posted about the fact that he saw a demonstration of the wargame at the Origins convention in July of 2006, and even had a couple of pictures from the demonstration on his site. These can be found here, titled Testors Westeros Game 01 and 02. You can clearly see a giant (in the first post, Steve Saunders—another noted sculptor—points out that he appears to have sculpted that particular figure, or at least some sort of giant figure, before he decided to end his involvement with Testors) and several wildlings charging at at least one member of the Night’s Watch in the pictures.