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More on the Miniatures

Jim over at Dark Sword Miniatures has very kindly answered a few questions we posed to him once the announcement was made, and we’re sharing them here. You may also want to drop by “Not a Blog”, where George has posted about the miniatures, and where Jim has provided some extra details.

Will these be limited edition miniatures, or are any limited edition miniatures envisioned?

There will be some limited edition pieces in the range, but our hope is to make these available to as many GRRM collectors as we can.

Looking at your store, certain figures tend to be sold in boxed sets. Will that hold for these? If so, about how many figures could be expected in a boxed set, and is there an estimated price point as of yet (either for individual miniatures and/or boxed sets)?

These miniatures will be released as blister packs / singles to start. Boxed sets could possible come later with about 6 miniatures per boxed set. We have found the most people prefer to pick and choose which miniature they purchase and sometimes do not want an entire boxed set.

Any plans for Daenerys’s dragons to be depicted?

We will FOR SURE be doing the dragons. We will do the baby dragons, mid-sized dragons and of course depict them once they get large enough to ride.