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More on the Princess and the Queen

This past weekend, George R.R. Martin was the guest of honor at Capclave 2014, an annual SF/F convention in the Washington D.C. area. Besides hanging out with fans and signing books, Martin had not one, but two reading sessions. Thanks to fans on the scene, we’ve a number of reports from the event. On the first day, Martin read from “The Princess and the Queen”, his contribution to the Dangerous Women (Preorder: Amazon US, Amazon UK) cross-genre anthology that Martin has co-edited with Gardner Dozois.

Back in January, Martin revealed that “The Princess and the Queen” replaced the initially-announced fourth Dunk and Egg novella, as well as revealing that it was an edited version of material intended for The World of Ice and Fire (Preorder: Amazon US, Amazon UK) which Linda and I are co-writing with GRRM.

Starting from here, you’ll find reports and discussions on the reading at the A Song Ice and Fire Forum, reports that spill over into this thread dedicated to discussion of “The Princess and the Queen”; I even pitch in some details. One of the interesting details from the Q&A after is the fact the audiobook of Dangerous Women willl feature some familiar voices, including Iain Glen (who’ll be reading “The Princess and the Queen”) and Sophie Turner (as well as Jonathan Frakes, for those Star Trek buffs).

And the day after that? GRRM read excerpts from two chapters from The Winds of Winter, featuring

Tyrion Lannister and Barristan Selmy

, reports on which can be found over at our dedicated sub-forum for discussion of the 6th book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series and chapters and excerpts that have been made available to fans.