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New Audiobook Reader

Recently, word has been going around that Roy Dotrice was not going to be the reader for the A Feast for Crows audibook, after having done an excellent job on the prior three volumes. Another voice actor, John Lee, is now attached to the novel.

To confirm this news, and learn a little more about the change, we contacted Mr. Dotrice and he responded with the confirmation, as well as some extra information regarding how it came about that he would not be reading the book.

Mr. Dotrice expressed his disappointment in not being able to take part in the endeavor, explaining that Random House contacted him suddenly about recording the novel immediately, so as to be able to release the audio book concurrently with the hardcover. Regrettably, this wasn’t possible for Mr. Dotrice, as he was tied up with another production at that time and could not begin when Random House wanted. As Random House could not wait, they sought a new reader.