The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


New Ice and Fire Miniatures

Dark Sword Miniatures have posted no less than five new miniatures in their George R.R. Martin Masterworks collection. Four, stunning work by Tom Meiere, depict Catelyn, Sansa, Sansa building the snow castle, and Arya. There’s a terrific series of photos showing these greens—which in reality are about 1.5 inches tall, and are sculpted by hand—in great detail. Meier, considered the best sculptor in the business by some. is even able to convey differences in facial structure in the Stark daughters. Particularly good are the series of comparison photos depicting the Catelyn and Sansa miniatures together.

The last is a depiction of a full-grown Ghost by noted sculptor Dave Summers. A quote from the text is provided to illustrate the differences in appearance from a direwolf to a normal wolf, and there’s certainly something lean and terrible. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to see Ghost set beside Jon Snow’s miniature soon to get a better idea of the scale. Promising to have even more releases in January, Dark Sword Miniatures continues to create miniatures that capture the setting and doing so in the highest possible quality. The miniatures they’ve put into production so far are available to be purchased from their on-line store.