The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


News from Guardians of Order

Guardians of Order was pleased to announce a number of new items recently which are related to the A Game of Thrones RPG:

First, the RPG has been nominated for the 2005 InQuest Gamer Fan Awards as one of the Best RPGs of the year. More information can be found on the official site, while the on-line voting ballot can be found here. Go and vote!

Second, GoO has published its latest newsletter (ZIP file containing a PDF), which includes some interesting information. It seems GoO has pulled itself out of its earlier financial difficulties, in part due to the success of the AGoT RPG. The AGoT products will be one of their two flagship product lines for the next several years to come. Also, GoO has put up a couple of eBay auctions featuring the lowest-numbered signed edition of the Deluxe Limited Edition made available to the public (it’s #9 of 2,500), as well as a signed copy of the Westeros poster map.

Finally, GoO has announced that for a limited time during the holidays, they will be selling all their PDFs available through DriveThruRPG at a 20% discount. This should include the A Game of Thrones RPG d20 Standard Edition, currently priced at $24.99. Keep an eye open and you might be able to pick up the PDF—which contains all the same information and beautiful art as the hardcover—for a song.