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Official Site Update

George R. R. Martin’s official website has been updated with news of the delivery of Suicide Kings, the third and final entry in the latest Wild Cards trilogy. A number of new posts have gone up in "Not a Blog". Most notable among them are a series of posts suggesting Hugo award nominees. The Hugo Awards are the premiere science fiction and fantasy awards, voted by fans who are member of the current year’s Worldcon. Nominations are an area where even a few votes can make a great difference, and we encourage members to nominate in all areas they feel competent to nominate.

Other entries include an update to A Dance with Dragons, in which GRRM touches on the difficulty. He also gives a hopeful estimate for completion in June. That said, he emphasizes that he’s had difficulty estimating the release in the past, but he thinks he can manage it. If it’s done in June, it may be published in September or October.