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Price Change for Card Game

The Game of Thrones card game, published by Fantasy Flight Games, is having its price lowered by almost half, while the card count per expansion is increased. This is part of a move that will cover all of FFG’s card games using the Living Card Game format. The article linked above provides in-depth details on these changes. An excerpt below explains the basics of the change:

"Each of our current monthly expansion packs (for all three of our LCGs) consist of 10 unique cards in single copy, and a second set of 10 unique cards in triplicate copies (for a total of 40 cards), with each expansion pack retailing for $9.95 U.S.

For players desiring maximum flexibility in deck construction, this has meant purchasing three monthly packs (for close to a $30 total retail price) and an undesirable overage of 60 cards (having nine copies, instead of three, of half the cards.) Though still an attractive solution when compared to Collectible Card Games, the LCG collation was not ideal for players. Not only that, but FFG had consistently feedback that (although LCG sales were successful) the monthly 40-card pack collation caused confusion and resistance with many otherwise-interested players.

So, in the months ahead FFG will be changing the collation of our monthly packs, adopting an approach that both existing and potential LCG customers have been requesting. Once fully implemented across all of our LCG’s, your monthly packs will include 60 cards, consisting of 20 unique cards in triplicate copy, and will retail for only $14.95!"