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Rally to Jon Snow

After having crushed all of his competition, Jon Snow faces his toughest challenge in the Final Four of Suvudu’s 2011 Cagematch… and it’s not going well. Supporters of Vin—rallied by Brandon Sanderson’s Wheel of Time-inspired followers—have surged into the vote, adding thousands of votes in mere hours and swamping the competition in her favor! We’re now chipping away at it ... but we could do more!

Even Sanderson once remarked he would like to see a Jon and Perrin final, which seems very likely to happen as Perrin’s likely to trounce his Final Four opponent. Two heroes, friends to wolves, sword to ax (or is the hammer, at last?), to decide the fate of ... well, the 2011 Cagematch, anyways. Fun, yes, in a pure, unadulterated geeky way? Yes. Yes, it is. Support the dream!

Are you going to let the Wall fall because you couldn’t muster fifteen seconds to go to the page and vote? NO! Good to hear…

... and go vote now!