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Suvudu Cage Match: Support Jon Snow

Suvudu has started its latest cage match series, this with a host of science fiction and fantasy favorites, and as has become a tradition, a character is once again championing A Song of Ice and Fire: Jon Snow.

In his first match-up, he’s paired off against Richard K. Morgan’s character Takeshi Kovacs, a man with a past in a future where a mind can be downloaded and placed in just about any body, introduced in Morgan’s amazing Altered Carbon (if you’re a fan of science fiction or of noir-style, gritty stories, definitely give this a try).  Personally, Jon Snow has Ghost… it’d have to be one hot, military tech-level “sleeve” (bodies in which one can be downloaded) to give Kovacs any chance in hand-to-hand. Suvudu’s write-up seems to agree. Do you? Go and vote!

You can see the rest of Suvudu’s cage matches at the bracket.